Industrial Hoist Rentals

Electric Power Plants

If you are overseeing maintenance at an electric generating station, you know there are times when it would make economic sense to lease out an industrial hoist (a.k.a. man lift, buckhoist, temporary elevator) for your planned outages to upgrade and mantain the facilites. 

Not only does an industrial hoist save time and money getting your workers up and down, employee safetly is also dramatically improved.  Request Quote.
Industrial Hoists and Industrial Lifts

Oil Refineries

Just like power plants, oil and gasoline refineries will periodically require maintenance that also requires the use of a temporary industrial hoist.  We have the experience and the mechanics to erect and dismantle a hoist to help you get your workers where they need to be.  Hauling heavy materials, tools, and other equipment up and down the stairs in some situations can be time consuming as well as dangerous.  Not only does an industrial hoist help bring down labor costs, it also improves safety.  Request Quote
Oil Refinery Hoists 

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