Elevator Emergency Phone and Monitoring


Emergency Phones

We recommend and install Kings III emergency telephones.  The Kings III emergency phone and monitoring system are superior by design and saves you money as compared with the traditional landline phone service.

Kings III gives you clear reception and reliability. Automatic self-testing and reporting ensures that even if the security phones do have problems, you will be informed quickly so action can be taken.

Kings III emergency phones are designed from the ground up with fully integrated transceivers built-in. All other competitors use a landline phone and then attach it to an adaptor or cell socket. We feel the difference in performance and reliability is between emergency landline phones and Kings III is significant.

Kings III's rugged construction means the help phones are virtually vandal proof, and are certain to last. Our Turnkey Solutions include installation, service, and 24-hour monitoring. 

We have the technical and interpersonal training to assist in emergency and non-emergency situations.


Online Remote Monitoring

With Kings III monitoring services, we can set you up quickly regardless of the controller's make and model.

Advantages of Online Remote Monitoring (ORM) include:

  • 24/7 monitoriing and web accessible data
  • Customers will be able to view ORM data with a simple web login.
  •  State-of-the-art monitoring regardless of controller type
  • Requires no new phone lines because ORM uses the existing ADA line.
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Kings III Emergency Phone and Monitoring System

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